Shock Absorbing Foam Safety Padding

Read all warnings!
We do not assume any responsibility for any damage or accidents resulting from a customer's use of any type of saw or other tool to cut our products, or installation issues after aluminum reinforced strips have been cut. These are just suggestions.
1. Can be cut with a miter saw

a. Use a good quality chop or miter saw (different names for the same thing)
b. Use a high tooth count “carbide” blade like a Diablo 96
- if you use a lower tooth count it can shred the material
c. Only cut one strip at a time
d. If possible, use clamps to hold the strip firmly against the saw guide
e. Wear safety goggles

2. You can also use a hacksaw, but the above principles still apply.
3. Cover all open cut areas with a layer of protective silicone to seal the foam
There will be no returns on any product that has been damaged in any way - including sawing or cutting
Miter Saw Diablo 96 Blade