Corner edge foam safety protection, guard, padding.
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What are Rhino Pallet Rack Protectors made from?
They are made from injection molded high density thermoplastics

The material is extremely tough, strong and resilient

How do you attach?
Installation takes only a few seconds for each column.

Rhino Protectors have jaws that open up (use two hands) and snap around the pallet rack column. The spring clip design enables the Rhino to securely grip the column and automatically adjust the width to the column size

For large jobs, there is also a special tool that will open the jaws mechanically rathen than just your muscle power.

Each piece is stacked on top of the lower one until you reach the maximum desired or required height

Can Rhino Guards be used in cold environments?
Yes, the protective guards work well in temperatures down to -40 degrees.

Are Rhino Guards long lasting?
Rhino guards will last many, many years if used in the manner it was designed. Individual pieces will only have to be replaced if they have taken such a beating from forklifta that they no longer provide adequate protection.

Can the Rhino Guards be used outside?
Yes - can be used indoors or outdoors. All rubber/plastic products, even those that are UV treated, will eventually fade in the sun. The stronger the sun, the faster it fades. The darker the initial color, the stronger it fades.

In what colors are the Rhino Guards available?
Currently available in safety colors of YELLOW AND BLACK. If you need a custom color, please call us for minimums.

It safe to use around acids?
In general terms, Rhino Guardscan be used around most industrial acids. The most common industrial acids are hydrochloric and sulfuric. The affect of acid on polyurethane will depend on concentartion of the acid, the time and conditions of exposure. Do not clean Guards with acids.

We recommend that the user test the specific acid on a small sample piece first. Use all necessary precautions when working with or around acids.

The Rhino Guards are also alkali resistant, waterproof, rustproof and oil resistant

If you have any other questions, please Contact Us:

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