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For all small corners like cabinets, shelves

What are MIni's made from?
Mini's are made from TPR (Themo Plastic Rubber)

TPR is very tough, strong and resilient

How do you attach?
Mini corners and strips do NOT come with peel-stick tape, but they are easy to attach with silicone or instant adhesive

Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and performance of products, the user is solely responsible for evaluating the solutions offered and determining whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user’s method of application. We can only give you recommendations as to what we have tested and used.

Silicone - For most general installations, use “GE-Silicone I or II" or 2X. Most customers have had good successl.

Instant Adhesive - for attaching smaller pieces like the Mini corners & strips or where you need a very high level of bonding, use an instant adhesive. You can purchase small quantities (4gm) such as Loctite Superglue. We also sell larger quantity bottles (28gm and 56gm).

Do not use GOOP, Liquid Nails etc as they will NOT create a good bond on the Boing safety padding.

How much silicone do you need?
If you use the silicone method, the amount will vary with the type of surface to be protected and the degree of adhesion. For small jobs, all you need initially is a small toothpaste size tube. For large jobs you may consider a 300ml tube that must be used with a caulking gun:

In what shapes are the Mini's available?
● 2 dimensional corners.
● Strips

If you do not see it on our website, we do not have it. Your option is to consider "custom" manufacturing .... but that is a major investment.

Is Skin Urethane safe?
Boing can be used in commercial and residential environments. It has passed or surpassed a variety of safety requirements including Compression, Toxicity etc. Safety testing documentation available upon request. It has anti-bacterial properties and passes ASTM G21 testing for a variety of bacteria.

Our skin Urethane products do NOT contain PVC, lead or phthalates.

Is Skin Urethane fireproof?
Boing Safety has not tested all products regarding fire and smoke retardants to meet Class A fire codes. There are many, many different local, national and international fire codes, each with different property requirements. It is not possible to have one set of fire/smoke retardantst that meets the various fire codes for all possible applications.

Customer must weigh the benefit of the Skin Urethane shock-absorbing safety padding and the many injuries it can prevent versus meeting fire codes for your specific application.

Are Mini's long lasting?
It will last many, many years if used in the manner it was designed as safety padding. However, durability is relative to the amount and type of use. Longevity will be reduced by excessive or aggressive use. It is impossible for us to advise customers on "longevity" as there are thousands of different applications and different environments.

Can the Mini's be used outside?
Mini's can be used indoors or outdoors. All rubber/plastic products, even those that are UV treated, will eventually fade in the sun. The stronger the sun, the faster it fades. The darker the initial color, the stronger it fades. In addition the impact absorbing characteristics are reduced in very cold (below 32F) and very hot (over 100 F) weather. These factors will vary from region to region.

It is best if the product is not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

How do you remove the silicone?
Silicone can be removed by scraping with a blade or craft knife, but that can be laborious and isn't always practical.  Instead, try using a solvent that's made to remove silicone.

There are a number of solvents on the market, but one of the best is Silicone-Be-Gone, a product made by DAP and developed specifically for removing silicone.  It can be used both for dissolving cured silicone and for cleaning up the area around freshly applied silicone.  The product takes several hours to work completely. It's also an oil-based solvent that has a noticeable odor, so use with proper ventilation.  It's also a good idea to wear gloves to minimize contact with your skin.

Go to the DAP site to check on locations (Lowes, Ace Hardware etc)
If you don't want to use the stronger commercial products, you can remove silicone with products like Krud Kutter, mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol.  These products are safer, but they will take longer to work, and they will likely also require some elbow grease and a fair amount of scraping.

In what colors are the Mini's available?
Currently available BLACK, GREY, YELLOW, CLEAR

How do you clean and maintain the safety padding?
See separate page on "Cleaning". If possible, do not use solvents such as methylene chloride, acetone, laquer thinner, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene etc. Do not clean polyurethane with acids.

Can you use around water activities?
Yes - the product is waterproof. You must install on a clean and dry surface. See installations instructions - including using a water seal. With extended exposure to chlorinated water, there may be some surface discoloration (greenish) and even more so near water with high TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids). There have not been any specific tests to determine the amount of discoloration, based on the concentration of chlorine (& TDS) over extended periods of time.

It safe to use around acids?
In general terms, TPR can be used around most industrial acids. The most common industrial acids are hydrochloric and sulfuric. The affect of acid on polyurethane will depend on concentartion of the acid, the time and conditions of exposure, and the type/density of the urethane foam padding. Do not clean Mini's with acids.

We recommend tha the user test the specific acid on a small sample piece first. Use all necessary precautions when working with or around acids.

If the quantities justify the cost of offering better resistance to strong acids and chemicals, we can develop formulations for specific applications.

If you have any other questions, please Contact Us:

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