Pool aquatic swim training platform, island, tot dock for tots, toddlers.


FAQ's - Customization
Swim Platforms for Young Children


If you want a design that is not already included on our website, it is considered "custom"

Can we create custom designs fo you?
Yes - we charge an up-front-design fee to undertake the task. There is a lot of work involved in either creating a new one from scratch or modifying an existing design.

How much will it cost?
We can give you a rough estimate based on a model of similar size or design - but, until we actually create the design we don't know how many parts it will take and therefore how much it will cost. Similarly, we cannot forecast the exact number of hours for us to do the work

Is there a deposit required?
Yes - after we provide you with a "rough" estimate", a minimum deposit is required to initiate any customization work. If additional work is required, we will advise you of additional fees to continue the customization work. The fees for customization are added to the cost of parts and shipping.

Is there a refund on the deposit if the proposed design does not work?
No. Our designer has to invest time to create designs, review them with you, etc. The cost for the time spent will not be refunded. If, however, the customization fee ends up to be less than your deposit, the balance will be refunded to you or credited toward your structure.

Can you guarantee the design will work?
Not exactly. It is not possible to say in advance if your “customized” version will work until we have created the design. There may be certain concessions you need to make regarding your requirements. We will try and meet your needs - but the safety and structural integrity issues take precedence.

What if you have a model that requires just a small change?
We already offer a large selection of models to fit many different size/capacity requirements.

Even small changes require structural reconfiguration, testing and a new set of plans

Extensive changes will make it necessary to strip down all or major parts of the structure to the lowest levels and completely rebuild in conformance with safety and structural requirements. This we consider “major” surgery and could add up.

How to Make your Customization Request:
Identify the model that comes closest to what you want:

Option 1:  (Manual)
- Copy/paste image from our website to a file and then print
- Manually draw in circles/arrows and write in any changes/instructions request
- Fax to 404-222-8388 or snail mail (see Contact Us)

Option 2: (Digital)
If you have access to a basic graphics or drawing program, you can:
- copy/paste individual images from our website
- digitally draw circles/arrows and write in any changes/instructions
- save as an image or convert to a .pdf file
- e-mail to info@pooldocks.com

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