Pool aquatic swim training platform, island, tot dock for tots, toddlers.


FAQ's - 3D Program
Swim Platforms for Young Children


Easy Assembly
Can you make your own designs?
Yes - just download the 3-D program, get the feel for it and build you own design

3-D Program

Will it come with detailed assembly plans?
If you order your "own design", we will only provide you with a set of "generic" plans that can be used for any pool platform structure.

If you want detailed "custom" plans for your specific model, we use the services of a designer and will charge you according to the amount of time it will take to make the plans

Can you guarantee the design will work?
No. At this stage this becomes a "custom" project. There may be certain concessions you need to make regarding your requirements. We will try and meet your needs - but the safety and structural integrity issues take precedence. We charge for these additional services.

How much will it cost?
The price does not include:
- evaluation of the structural integrity or safety of your design
- detailed assembly plans
- Shipping & Handling

Once you create a model, send us the .qdf image (from the program) and we will run a price check.

You can also estimate the cost of your design by comparing it to the models we already have.

What if you have a model that requires just a small change?
We already offer a large selection of models to fit many different size/capacity requirements. We recommend you experiment on your own to make minor changes

Even small changes require structural reconfiguration, testing and a new set of plans. Any major reconfiguration will be considered a custom desigm.

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