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Child proof your doors and prevent finger pinch accidents!
Prevent trips to the emergency room or unwanted liability claims.

Every year, thousands of children receive medical treatment for pinched, crushed or amputated fingers and hands. Many more incidents go unreported. Door finger injuries are one of the top household accidents for kids under the age of five.

All businesses and institutions which cater to children are exposed to liability claims if their doors have not been child-proofed.

Avoid needless injuries, medical expenses and potential liability claims by installing PinchShield door finger guards.


Each year, hundreds of thousands of door pinching accidents occur in the USA - at home, at play and at the workplace. The most severe injuries can end with amputation. Fingers pinched in doors is one of the top household accidents for children under the age of five.

The concept of Pinch Shield door finger guards is simple - cover both sides of the gap between the door and door frame with flexible shields. Only basic tools are needed for the 10 minute DIY installation - tape measure, pencil and screwdriver.

When properly attached to the door and frame, the finger guards prevent kids or adults from inserting their fingers in either side of the door gap and risking injury. The normal open and closing operation of doors is not affected by Pinch Shieldt finger guards.

Pinch Shield is available in two versions:

"BASIC" is a clear plastic for residential or light commercial applications. Opens to 110 degrees

"PRO" is a more heavy-duty, articulated design in solid colors for commercial applications. Available in various lengths. Both versions fit most doors, are durable, long lasting and easy to clean and maintain. Opens to 170 degrees

Pinch Shieldt finger guards are a very affordable investment to ensure the safety in homes, child care facilities, play centers, restaurants, schools, or public buildings. Prevent trips to the emergency room or unwanted liability claims.

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